Gospel Concert Hosting & Play Production in Hawthorne, California

Experience the music and drama of concerts and plays planned by Global Innovative Entertainment. We provide gospel concert hosting and play production throughout the Hawthorne, California, area.

Making Music

Concert hosting is available for gospel acts geared towards adults and children of all ages. We host and plan concerts at various venues, inviting different gospel groups to perform and compete in talent competitions. Our services are available for churches or anyone interested in this wonderful music.

On the Stage

Bringing dramatic works to life is the essence of our play productions. We write and produce a range of plays, including dramas and comedies for adults and children. Our plays are suitable for audiences of all ages. Talented people from all walks of life are incorporated into our plays, depending on the roles available. Because we produce such a wide variety, there are all sorts of opportunities!

Venue Seating - Concert Hosting

Contact us in Hawthorne, California, to learn more about our concert hosting play production services.